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His creations include Bru-Hed™ (America’s favorite Blockhead™), The Game Buzz!

Mike is a freelance storyboardist, artist, writer, comic book/web comic creator, graphic designer, award-winning senior art director/copywriter, Kubert School alumnus, Spectrum Fantasy Art award-winner, guitarist/songwriter, future novelist and full-time, life-long comics fan, pop culture collector, and book hoarder.

Featuring fire, freaks, foxy femmes and fanatically furious fights! (Okay, maybe robots and monsters, but then it would have gotten weird.) Not only must you see this on the biggest screen possible to be part of the action, you should buy the DVD for all the inevitable “making of” and behind the scenes stuff that will be worth every penny.

™ weekly webcomic, Nasti: Monster Hunter™, Mikey Moo-Moo™ and more “™s” waiting to be unleashed from his crazy cranium.

This sequel to Miller's Mad Max was a worldwide box office success that further launched the career of Mel Gibson.