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When you finally complete your profile, you are left with an accomplished feeling of “ok, I am out there”. Of course, there is really no way for them to get the “REAL” you from the couple of pictures and paragraphs of text you just put out there, but you do have hope that a connection will happen. Now that you are out there and more time passes, several things can and will happen.You will begin to have the opposite sex view your profile.Your hopefulness might fade some when you start answering the specific questions that are required.

Of course, I'm not the only one with a portfolio of Tinder dating horror stories.

If you recently went out with someone who turned out to secretly have another serious partner or expressed some truly terrifying political views, rest assured you're not alone.

Weirdly, given that I had known this woman for only two hours, it felt like someone had cheated on me.

He shares his often-hillarious experiences with us in a new fortnightly series.

Thanks to the rise of dating apps like Tinder, when I've found myself bored, lonely, and itching to experience something, I'm able to do so quickly — to mixed results.