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Given Given (out)Given (to)Given 11 bids, unusually, for special edition Given 32 by "great" dramatist Given a line Given a new colour Given a raw deal, slangil Given a shot, maybe Given an expensive coat Given an eyeful, you migh Given an income, but at the finish was in debt Given an R or PGGiven authority Given away Given bar tabs, you'll craftily show Given by word of mouth, a Given directly Given dope, play jazz aimlessly Given experimentally Given false facts Given for a time Given for safekeeping Given form Given form of Villa, ultimately I shed no tears Given formal approval Given free Given glossy coat, tailless llama needed to be replaced Given guidance about new grant Given help, salesman got out of debt Given life, perhaps Given medical care at another's expense? Guardian's oddly turgid column put forward as standard Guardian's to hold back, holding back Guardians of a house pain Guardians of Eden, in Gen Guardians of the gates of Guardianship Guardianship; anxiety Guardiola hedging about debut of Moroccan right-winger in final Guards Guards against chapping Guards fed up with results Guards of mines, in folkl Guards ordered to go in the Spanish spearhead Guards, collectively Guatemala natives Guatemala's national bird Guatemala's national inst Guayaquil's land Gubernatorial right Gucci alternative Gucci competitor Gucci of fashion Gucci rival Guernsey, e.g., in the En Guernsey, for one Guerra's opposite Guerrilla Guevara Guerrilla's campaign Guess Guess as to how the thong Guess I'm stuck in English railway terminal Guess I'm upset by opening of scene set in stable Guess marksman still finished Guess on a tarmac: Abbr. Guessed roughly Guessed wrong Guesses Guesses wrong Guesses: Abbr.

Give up, as a habit Give up, as rights Give up, slangily Give up; desert Give us a ring about love that's heartless Give voice to Give way Give way on a fast time Give way; produce Give what for Give ___ (aid)Give ___ (berate)Give ___ (care)Give ___ (heed)Give ___ (lambaste)Give ___ (prod)Give ___ (say O. " (intro Give ___ for one's money Give ___ go Give ___ in the arm Give ___ lip (punch)Give ___ of approval Give ___ of hope Give ___ of one's own med Give ___ of the hat Give ___ on the back Give ___ on the wrist Give ___ shot Give ___ time Give ___ to (acknowledge)Give ___ to (approve)Give ___ to (prompt)Give ___ up Give's partner Give, as a gene Give, as a grant Give, as a topic for disc Give, as an apology Give, as duties Give, as homework Give, as odds Give, as time Give, produce Give-go go-between Give-hand connection Give-to-go filler Giveaway Giveaway at the poker tab Giveaway: Var. Guard's arrival providing support for head of security Guard's locale Guard's neighbor Guard's workplace Guarded Guarded rapier Guarded weapon Guardhouses Guardian Guardian Angels toppers Guardian Angels' toppers Guardian cuts honeydew fudge for children's home Guardian for Odysseus Guardian in conflict over retreat Guardian of Crete, in cla Guardian spirits Guardian staff apparently love new style Arsenal Guardian with teeth?

Give the umpire grief Give the ___ (pick)Give the ___-over Give thumbs down Give to charity Give top honors in New Je Give two fives for ___Give university lecturer freshly made tea Give unwanted advice Give up Give up - give way Give up a job Give up and give in Give up being ridiculously idle after years Give up bird food, so to speak Give up excitement Give up for a while Give up on d Give up on, in slang Give up power and become less intense, keeping daughter in charge Give up smuggled goods? Guard gives a warning Guard of myth Guard second way in Guard software tool Guard talent manager confused by address to female Guard’s military hideout?

Give the business Give the cold shoulder Give the cook a break, ma Give the coup de gr Give the evil eye to Give the eye Give the flavor of Give the gas Give the giggles Give the go-ahead Give the green light Give the heave-ho Give the look to Give the nod Give the O. Give the once-over Give the slip Give the slip to Give the third degree Give the twice-over? Guaranteed Guaranteed to get Guaranteed to happen Guaranteed to make teacher look silly about oxygen Guaranteed to succeed Guaranteed to work Guaranteeing Guarantees Guarantees that mean noth Guarantor of many bank lo Guard Guard against drifting Guard dog's greeting Guard dog, e.g.

Gives out Gives over Gives power to Gives religiously? Guide to the aristocracy Guide with a penlight Guide woman in old city Guide, direct Guidebook (1994)Guidebook features Guidebook for golf greens Guidebook listings for th Guidebook offering Guidebook recommendation Guided Guided by instinct, didn't do much Guided missile sections Guided trip Guided trips GUIDELINEGuideline: Abbr. Guilty one, in copspeak Guilty person, at heart, is kind Guilty plea, say Guilty ___ counts Guilty, e.g. Gunners' stylish volley Gunning Gunning down a night trav Gunning for Gunnysack fiber Gunpowder alternatives Gunpowder component Gunpowder holder Gunpowder holders Gunpowder ingredient Gunpowder, e.g.