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Under 45 foot ceilings, colossal cobwebbed chandeliers, and opulent French Renaissance balconies, Guests can partake in otherworldly revelry whilst mingling with haunts from eras spanning the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries.

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Don your most macabre costumery, as the dress code is firmly infernal.

Unleash your inner beast or submit willingly to be prey at our Danse Sauvage with Company XIV, a soiree elevating the wildness within.

Traverse our carnivalesque fete for the senses in an opulent four-story private Victorian manse, where BDSM ballerinas, acrobats, jugglers, court dancers and live musicians lower your inhibitions and increase your heart rate.

Explore secret rooms housing cloak-and-dagger deeds and indulge in delicious libations while our fetish dessert service sates your gustatory desires.

This New Year's Eve, cast aside your conscience and partake in an evening of illicit luxury at Dances of Vice’s "Demimonde".