gay dating lakeland - How you know you are dating a nerd

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How you know you are dating a nerd

If life were a video game and you had only one round left, maybe it’s time to pick a new character.

Now that you’ve met and talked to a nerdy boy, you’d better read this primer if you want to have any clue as to if the guy is into you.

It’s 2017 and the standards have evolved, and so have “nerds.” Sure, they’re still socially awkward at times, but this new accepting world is now perfectly okay with their penchant for memorizing comic books or their liking for and being awesome at physics. The top reason why nerds make the best boyfriends: 1. NERD ALERT —a podcast that has grown into multiple things that make nerdy things look so cool.

Their cuteness is so undeniable that we’ve even coined them “adorkable.” They’ve been quietly dominating the small and big screens, and now’s the time that they’re owning reality. Mc Lovin The stereotypical lisping, spectacle-wearing scrawny kid with an attitude!

I saw all the good in him—his kindness, his sense of humor, his gentlemanliness, his dateability! He said the only thing that stopped him from asking me first was he was scared to get rejected, and he didn’t date much.