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After reading this statement every normal person will assume that the production costs will be borne by AEG.

But the attachment to the contract (Exhibit A) explains to the naive us that production costs will be deducted from compensation to who will cover the expenses too (irrespective of who initially provided the money – even if they lent the money to you they took it back).

The inside of the agreement said that it was final, but the last page of the same document said it was not – the closing phrases still betrayed that it was a letter and left no doubt that the final agreement was still to be negotiated: to sign the box on the left as a representative of Michael Jackson’s company, LLC, which was crucial for the agreement.

It is this decisive signature displayed to us by AEG which raises so many questions now.

The numerous dances around Tohme Tohme’s name in AEG papers leave no doubt that Tohme was being taken care of AEG, had a tremendous mutual understanding with them and was working against Michael Jackson’s interests as he was actually working for the other party.