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" the Boss says, clinking his glass of vodka against my mug of beer."You must be talking about yourself," I say with Valerian as the interpreter.

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The Boss laughs uproariously at his rather meaningless joke, but his followers have to laugh politely and nod in agreement.

Valerian and his gang, like all other organised criminals, are engaged in a wide variety of both legal and illegal activities. He fixes his eyes upon me and looks serious for the first time since we met in this racy bar in Ho Chi Minh City. If Russian businessmen want to set up shop here, we provide protection.

-From hope to despair in Myanmar-China looms large over Myanmar war and peace-China-India vie for a strategic slice of paradise-France shows its hidden maritime muscles-Lost Warriors: Seagrim and Pagani of Burma, The Last Great Untold Story of WWII-Rohingya refugees as pawns in a geopolitical game-The ties that bind Suu Kyi's hands-Mishandling the Rohingya Crisis May Open New Frontier for Terrorism-Bangladesh holds the key to Rohingya insurgency-No way back for Myanmar's Rohingya refugees-The truth behind Myanmar's Rohingya insurgency-Myanmar's Enemy Within: Buddhist Violence and the Making of a Muslim 'Other'[more] By Bertil Lintner (3 February, 1996) "In Russia, the brigand is the only true revolutionary.

He is a revolutionary without phrases, without bookish rhetoric..brigands of the forests, towns and villages, scattered throughout Russia, together with the brigands confined in the innumerable prisons of the empire - these constitute a single, indivisible, tight-knit world, and in it alone, there has always been revolutionary conspiracy. He also speaks fluent Vietnamese - and that was the why he was hired by the group to which he now belongs: a gang of Russian mobsters who have established themselves in Vietnam.

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