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Alfons had a huge selection of his nice wooden puzzles for sale, so I could not resist, of course!

First, in the 18 pieces burrs group there is Hell (with 12 frame pieces, similar to Stephan's Fortuna or his Burrison), Mountain (designed by Dan, and with an 18 piece and 6 piece burr combined in one puzzle), and Knudde (which uses the unusual shape to hide some more pieces inside).

These NOS ("New Old-School") burrs are fascinating coordinate-motion puzzles and hard to build as well as to solve.

Just before Christmas the very nice Karakuri Christmas Presents 2015 arrived.

X-mas present 1, X-mas present 2, X-mas present 3, X-mas present 4, X-mas present 5, and X-mas present 6.

I did my usual guess about the craftsmen, please see the details pages.

The US Cube is a boxed burr, in which you have a clear view from the outside. The mysterious Packira extends the four sticks in a box with 6 orthogonal sticks, and the Tulip has a 7 After the wood puzzle overload recently, today a package arrived from Cubezz: The Curvy Chop is basically a Curvy Copter chopped in half (and finished by closing the cut).