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A text can, in that moment, help us to feel less alone, less whatever it is that we’ve been telling ourselves that day.The danger is of course that while sometimes a text at the right moment or with a heartfelt sentiment can bring a smile to our face because we know that someone is thinking of us, the danger is that if we are reliant on texts because they are less ‘risky’ than putting ourselves out there and we are in fact using texts as our form of ‘emotional connection’, it will exacerbate any loneliness we already feel by increasing that emotional distance.

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This is where we have to keep ourselves firmly grounded.

Yes, if we’re getting to know someone, fairly prompt responses – so within a day – is ideal, but we need to ensure that we’re not holding our breath and suddenly basing our existence around whether we’re going to hear from this person or playing text tennis in the first place. Obviously if someone isn’t replying at all, that’s an issue and if generally speaking, they tend to take forever and a day to reply and it’s coupled with other symptoms of an imbalanced relationship, that’s a problem.

If you’re substituting texting for getting out there, challenge yourself to have a text free day each week where you engage and do something that connects you with others and your life.

I’ve found leaving my phone in the bottom of my bag or in another room for a few hours or even the whole day, is incredibly freeing – I don’t like feeling chained to my phone and disconnected from my life.

When we have an existing relationship and it’s mutual, it’s easier to not only have a sense of that rhythm but to also not feel away or jump to negative conclusions if a swift or immediate reply doesn’t happen.