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As proof, check out these stories from other “I accidentally gave myself a bloody nose while telling a story and talking too much with my hands.

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I looked her dead in the eyes and calmly said, ‘I didn’t want to interrupt such an important phone call,’ and then walked into my room and went to bed.” “I got set up with the daughter of one of my parents’ friends.

They showed me pictures and said nice things about her. I excused myself to the bathroom, but the damage was too great.

One of her attempts at finding me a respectable boy from a good family. He said he admired the character and aspired to live that kind of life (without the killing, of course). On the way back to the garage we pass by an alley and he leans in and whispers into my ear and says, ‘You’re f—ing hot and I want to f— you behind that pile of garbage’ and he LICKS MY EAR! He walks me back to my place, but the night is still young and he suggests hanging out and watching some Futurama, so I invite him up.

So, that night he calls to ask if I could pick him up instead since his car broke down. The guy was staying at a buddy’s place an hour from my house. DING DING DING the alarm bells were going off in my head. As soon as we are sitting down, he starts talking about his ex and all the drama she brought into his life, and it slowly comes to light that they may not be actually broken up, he is just ‘seeing what else is out there.’ Hmm.

Finally about 20 minutes into it I quietly stand up, take $20 out of my wallet and walk out without saying a word.