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The Perris Company occupied two sites in Norwich: one at Roundtree Way, Mousehold and then a much larger factory unit in Sprowston Road. Perris began by making his own wooden patterns, based on the Flexispeed lathe he was then selling as kits of parts - a friend having bought the company.

The Sheffield-made Flexispeed had its origins in the 1940s and was a popular small machine that continued in production, in various forms, for nearly fifty years.

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Mandrel; the SL90 tailstock (self-ejecting centre with a proper locking mechanism and screw-adjust set-over and graduated micrometer collars on top and cros slides - the latter having the facility of being adjustable to zero (the Standard version of the Perris PL90 seems to have been the one with a 1/2" BSF nose, 0-MT sockets in headstock and tailstock, a rather crude bolt-down top slide and a bolt-down tailstock etc., exactly as the Centrix. The design of the backgear assembly resembles that fitted to the Pre WW2 Myford ML2 and ML4 lathes being clustered together on an eccentrically-mounted shaft behind the spindle-mounted bull wheel.

The countershaft (that also carried the hinge bracket for the changewheel cover) was bolted directly to the back of the lathe bed.

The SL90 offered buyers a number choices, it being possible to start with a plain-turning model and then add backgear and screwcutting as finances permitted.

Remarkably, so well designed was the SL that it could be refined to horological standards - a so-called 'horological' version of the PL90 was, apparently, just the ' Special' - hardly of a watchmakers' standard in comparison with an SL90, but vastly superior to a Flexispeed and cheaper than the small precision Coronet lathes made for a short time after WW2..

It was constructed on a flat-topped, 60-degree V-edged bed of cantilever form with a 44-mm centre height, capable of accepting 200 mm between centres and a maximum diameter of 120 mm (by 19 mm thick) on a faceplate swung in the gap.


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