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Year-End Financial Data Each year, insurance companies are required to report annual statements to the government. Best, Standard & Poor's, Moody's, Fitch, and Weiss. Vital Signs Help includes explanations for each rating and a chart that compares the ratings by each service.This data is used to monitor the financial health of insurers and protect the interests of consumers. These statements, filed in March, contain data for the previous year. Ratings Independent ratings services do in-depth research evaluating carriers based on a variety of financial and operating criteria. An AM Best A is very different from a Standard & Poor's A .

Shortcuts/Aids Vital Signs offers a variety of reports for all levels of users making it powerful enough for you and simple enough for your client.

Reports are formatted as side-by-side ledgers, graphs and lists. Focus on Financial Criteria - Sort the entire Vital Signs company list by one criteria.

Vital LTC is a long-term care insurance comparison system that provides fast, accurate and flexible comparisons of LTC products from multiple carriers.

Includes most competitive products from top carriers. View Products by State Vital LTC is a unique web-based system that offers both feature and rate comparisons - making it simple for you to find the best plan for your customer.

Vital Sales Suite- Online Insurance Sales Tools compare product rates and features from multiple companies side by side and then generate reports.