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"She is going to be with us every step of the way, so it's just awesome to have dinner and chill.""I think you got to have a good balance between fun and work, and I think we nail that," she added.

"I think we're goofy, but we know when to work hard and when to knuckle down, get all the steps down so, yeah, I think that's really our thing." star Heather Morris this season, crashed our interview, joking about being their biggest competition this season. New mom Peta also admitted that she and Maks were missing their son, Shai.

Archetypically, one meaning is obvious, literal, and innocent. The Double Entendre's popularity in comedy stems from the fact that if you don't get it, you won't realize something dirty just happened.

As a result, clever use of a Double Entendre can keep a show "family-friendly" by allowing children to appreciate the joke on one (non-sexual) level while adults enjoy it on another level.

Extreme cases of double-entendre interpretation in-story are Freud Was Right.