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This software can be downloaded by visiting the Garmin Updates & Downloads Web page on the Garmin website.

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Even if you only travel from time to time this is an investment that will save you, not only in money from data use, but also in time because it will send you to where you want to go within a few feet, not a few miles.

Notable features include Bluetooth hands-free calling, a trip computer, and lane assistance. Allows user to make and receive hands-free telephone calls using the unit's internal speaker, microphone, and screen.

Can display user's telephone book, and shows caller ID on the screen.

Can also dial phone numbers of point of interest locations. Commonly referred to as "Text-to-Speech," this helpful feature is the ability to pronounce proper street names.

Better models also provide contact information for the nearest emergency services Handy for travelers, this feature tells you what services are available exit by exit on major highways.