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However, if you do have a habit of getting carried away in the early stages of dating their rules could definitely help you create some boundaries.Tried and Tested: Ellen and Sherrie believe hoop earrings are a woman’s best accessory and diamond studs are “too dainty and suburban-looking for when you’re first dating”.Tried and Tested: doesn’t try to throw out solutions for common dating dilemmas, so there’s nothing to put into practise.

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Aziz is a self-confessed feminist, and kindly shines a light on all the crap women have to deal with when dating.

He writes, “One firm takeaway from all our interviews with women is that most dudes out there are straight-up bozos.” And that quote is solid conclusion to this post…

The 176-page journey to your own heart teaches how to communicate your feelings, and to protect yourself from anxiety, manipulation, and conflict.

It touches on subjects such as incompatibility and control, the difference between saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and the varying levels of intimacy.

But even if you do find someone who could be your true soulmate who also shares your creed, that doesn’t mean that dating will be a breeze.