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Every time she slipped her vibrator into her soaking cunt (and god, her panties always seemed to be wet these days) she imagined Jillian sliding it into her instead, heard her own voice moaning out "Fuck me, Jillian, fuck me..." and imagined Jillian's purring voice responding, "Yes, Mistress..." The flashes of guilt kept coming, and Sylvia wondered at times if Jillian had friends or family that would miss her if she became Sylvia's obedient pet..that was all it took to force them away, thinking of the words "obedient pet" and applying them to that perfect body, those amazing breasts and long legs and..usually sent her back to masturbating.

Besides, it wasn't as though she was really going to be hurting Jillian or anything.

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There wasn't a single entry in the 'Brainwashing Chairs' that cost less than a million dollars, and most cost more than ten times that. And if it wasn't a scam..could feel the thought in her head, as though it had a physical weight. Hesitation and guilt flashed through her head for a fraction of a second, but Sylvia was shocked at how easily she pushed them aside.

Certainly more than a waitress earned in a night of tips. Sylvia checked some of the other categories, but they all seemed pretty much the same. The girl who came into the bar every Thursday night, a different boy with her each time. The nearness of the temptation, the ease of it just made those moral considerations melt away in the fact of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

(Well, amateur pride..much as she loved playing around with Photoshop, Sylvia had no idea how to parlay her skills into actual money.) She just wanted to see the "photos" demonstrating each auction's wares, and see if the person who made the site had done as good a job with their photo-manipulation as they had with the concept of the site.