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You should be aware that if incomplete or inaccurate answers are identified during our validation process, and your policy has to be changed, an additional administration fee will be charged.

We work closely with the Financial Ombudsmen Service to ensure our process is clear and fair to all of our customers.

We understand that in most cases there may be a genuine reason for a discrepancy in the information we hold and we will always give you the opportunity to explain this to us. In most cases we will either, take no action, or ask that an additional premium is paid.

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Please remember it is your responsibility to check you have answered every question we ask honestly and accurately before buying your policy.

Fraud and misrepresentation can increase insurance premiums and at Zurich we are passionate about protecting our honest customers.

I have to write a program that uses files and nested loops to create a file from the quiz grades entered by the user, then read the grades from the file and calculates the average quiz grade for a class. Use a nested loop to write each students quizzes to a file.

Then read the data from the file in order to display the student's average score and the class average.

The problem I am having is validating test scores and having them write to the file.