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Rev Hitchiner lives in West London and prefers to keep her private life private.It is not known if she is in a relationship; she has no children: ‘I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing if I’d had children.This prompted a response from one internet blogger who might be said to represent the ‘traditionalists’ within the Church of England.‘This is the sort of spectacle traditional Anglicans feared when they allowed the ordination of women,’ the blogger wrote.

But Rev Hitchiner believes she is not alone in the clergy in enjoying the frivolities of fashion.‘It’s not that some supposedly frivolous areas in life are not worthy enough for God. Obviously, Nietzsche said a lot of things about God I don’t agree with, but there’s his theory that beauty makes you good, that engaging with things that are beautiful is an antidote to the ugly and the difficult.

Rev Hitchiner’s unusual clerical style is apparent, too, on her Twitter and Facebook pages.

Few of her flock can afford to wear such clothes — though in fairness, Rev Hitchiner borrowed them for the shoot.

On her modest vicar’s stipend, her label of choice is the fashionable but infinitely cheaper Top Shop. ‘Wearing a dog collar in a fashion shoot was quite a powerful experience,’ she declared afterwards, in a game attempt to give her day of dressing up in designer gear some sort of theological perspective.

While she often selects a figure-hugging skirt or dress that shows off her shapely hips and derriere, today Holly opted for a looser-fit dress by Sandro that we totally adored.