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The very, “politically correct” Lydia Cane swept into the room smiling, with Sharon in tow. Cane had the gift of making all her sissy clients feel comfortable and normal. During the exam she used phrases such as “ We girls know, don’t we Pansy?

” We don’t want to be taken for a sissy, too long, do we dear?

Rita had already mentioned this to Cheryl, and they both considered it a cute girls name for whenever Danny begged to be dressed as a girl and not as a sissy boy. Carson’s sissy boys eventually wanted to be dressed as girls.

They soon tired of the public humiliations they suffered as sissies.

Unfortunately, his flat chest, and his overdone sissy walk and mannerisms, told everyone he wasn’t a girl. I only assumed he was your son,” the women said apologetically. Helene, and Sadie, who had come to the front of the store, to spray Chrissy with perfume.