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According to her, the incidents became more violent.

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He was tall and hefty with close-cropped silver hair and a big smile. After a few messages back and forth, Isabelle and Elmer agreed to meet at a Baton Rouge restaurant in nearby Kanata.

He greeted her with a bottle of maple syrup and a rose, a gesture she found endearing. the word that comes to me is, like, a thug — like somebody who works in the woods.

“I said, ‘I’m leaving, Elmer, I can’t live like this anymore.’” Her first stop was the Arnprior detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police.

She told officers she was leaving her husband, but had forgotten her pills and needed help in retrieving them.

It angered her so much that she took the gutsy step of fighting to overturn a publication ban – in order to tell her story to CBC.