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The Corporate Archives division of Transport for London recently held a short internal exhibition at their headquarters at Palestra, called “Mapping London” and showcasing new and old maps of London’s transport from the archive.

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The cartography is clear and crisp, with a good balance of style and function.

A yellow/red/blue colour scheme is adopted for all buildings and stations, so that the map is...

The Children’s Map of London (sometimes called the Children’s Pictorial Map of London) was drawn by Leslie Bullock and first published by Bartholomew in 1938, the edition here is I believe the original version.

All royalties from the sale of the map went to the Hospital for Sick Children in Great Ormond Street (aka GOSH) which appropriately does itself appear on the map.

Thank you to Tf L’s Press Office for inviting Mapping London to the... Find out, in a series of stories, maps and graphics how animals migrate and move through the world. The maps were painstakingly drawn for the London County Council, shortly after the war’s end. The Great British Colouring Map: A Colouring Journey Around Britain...