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"Wickramaratna then began sending him a series of messages saying she was setting him free and said she had told his family about their affair and that he loved her." Further abusive Facebook messages were sent, including a false allegation that Mr Stokes had been diagnosed with HIV, all of which caused great humiliation.

The court heard that Mr Stokes insisted he had never had an affair with the defendant and when he reported the matter to the police in July 2010 an investigation began.

"Kazeem Benzair was damaged commercially and all this happened while his wife was seriously and possibly terminally ill.

"You persisted on sending people emails even after being warned by the police and have shown no remorse, empathy or regret.

Prior to her marriage to Len, Kate was in a long-term relationship with actor Michael Sheen from 1995 to 2003. Michael has been dating Sarah Silverman since 2014, and Kate says she's grown really fond of her ex's new girlfriend.'I love her,' she told E! It's important as a teenager to have good women in your life building up the fabric of your experience of becoming a woman.'Kate says now that she's back on the market, that doesn't mean she's going to be giving online dating a shot.