Disable screen updating access vba

disable screen updating access vba-73

Make sure you click the show all comments link to see them all. sorry because my english Regards Daniel from Colombia!!! Return Boolean) ' PT a node label has been double-clicked, enter edit-mode if manual editing is enabled Dim b Dummy As Boolean If mo Tree. Edit Mode(Me) = True Edit Box b Enter Edit:=True Else If Me.

Children Then mctl Expander_Click End If End If End Sub Hi Antonio, Thank you for your comments!

Using your Children property is simpler than using Child Nodes.

Count, because the latter needs an extra check to see whether the Child Nodes collection isn't nothing.

My question: I'm trying for a "flat" layout of my userforms (yes, a follower or fashion...) I managed to flatten the frame that the treeview is associated with, by setting its properties via the . The closest I have found is something called Unbound Object Frame. On the other hand, your demo seems to use a subform control. Any help is welcome/ Thanks, Mike @Michael: You should be able to find how how to do this using the MSAccess download on the previous page. mscomclt make me crazy because my app don't work in others pcs ... I want to apologize if my English is not very correct. I've changed a little, enhancing the Double-Click of a Node and adding a new property "Children", to get te children nodes count.