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He may also occasionally cough a little after regurgitating the milk if a little has gone "down the wrong way".

This is normal and as long as he is otherwise well, you don’t need to worry.

I used to use the TClock Ex utility in XP to get the date in the system tray.

Unfortunately, TClock Ex hasn’t been updated for Windows 7. My Rainlendar desktop calendar shows the date in the system tray as you can see: And I have found a Firefox extension (Date Picker/Calendar) which displays the date and time (and a pop up calendar) in the bottom left corner of the status bar in the Firefox browser window: But what a pity Microsoft couldn’t follow Ubuntu’s lead on this one – or at least give us the option.

For me, the icons are too large and the bar takes up too much real estate at the bottom of my screen.


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    Neither is asking for, or offering to send, nudes (unless they were not discussed first). Insulting other women, while looking for a woman, won’t help your chances of finding someone. Don’t be this guy and send this as your first message to a woman.

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    Seemingly deeply moved by this gesture, the Grim Reaper will proceed to instantly resurrect the Sim.

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    deaf/blind, Autism, developmental disabilities, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, Specific learning disabilities, emotional/behavioral disorder, traumatic brain injury, multi-sensory impairment, and serious health impairment.

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