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Cum was leaking from where his cock was inside me; a trail of it was reaching my lower back.

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Then he held my head against him; his cock fitting perfectly in my mouth without choking me, and suddenly I felt his cum hitting the back of my throat.

I swallowed each spurtmoaningbecause his finger was now inside my hole.

My friend had told me how he felt so fine on them but I had never even seen one, and I had done diet pills speed. He handed me a bottle of pills and told me to try this one and that one, and then sparked up his pipe, which had been lying in the ashtray this whole time. I was still with it, but so relaxed, and it seemed when he spoke I couldn't lie if I wanted to.

That stuff smelled way better than anything I had ever smoked! We had made it thru Houston and were pulling into Rose City, TX.

There was a wooden sign, on the back wall, that said that. He must have taken a shower back at the last place he stayed. I would almost always eat my load after I would beat off, for the first time I was sucking a cock other than my dads, and I could feel the huge wet spot in my pants!