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A song depicting the relationship between a father and son, written by Vaali and sung by Silambarasan himself, was shot with him and Samarth at Hong Kong Disneyland, making Podaa Podi the first Tamil film to be shot there.

Vignesh Shivan made a short film and after getting Dharan to compose music for it; showed the film to producers, Gemini Film Circuit, and then to his childhood friend, Silambarasan and both parties agreed to collaborate to make it a feature film.

The joint producers of the film, Shanaya Telefilms, released a series of posters in June 2008 publicising the film, while Silambarasan and Vignesh toured in Canada scouting for locations and agreeing a deal with Mayor Ron Stevens to film in Orillia and Toronto.

Realising that the child was the result of Arjun’s cheap plan and not love towards her, Nisha walks out.

Arjun tries to console her, but gets angry when she meets a friend who greets her with a hug.

They go to Hong Kong Disneyland for their babymoon.