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We learn, to achieve "closure" his entire family has "to be there when they butcher her and then we have to help eat her." In Chapter Six: Evaluations and Judgments by Eurytion --- Linda Sue is sized up by a professional and given a passing grade. In Chapter Eight: A Fijian Feast by Eurytion --- Cow 701 pleases the judges while Linda Sue pleasures the cook.

Cow 701 passes a father's muster as does her owner. In Chapter Seven: At the Fair by Eurytion --- Cow 701 arrives at the fair. Billy learns the true meaning of finger licking good and a trip to the South Seas is contemplated.

Under the fair's rules, that makes her a maverick to be claimed by the first person who finds her.

Linda Sue relinquishes her claim to Joey who reluctantly decides to have the youngster converted by Mc Cains into livestock for his new human veal venture.

In Chapter Thirteen: The War Begins by Eurytion --- Anneliese strikes her first blow against human cattle ranching while an old friend of her aunt's frets about the future.