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S., Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.There are almost certainly more nations represented.This is the white supremacism of the future, and for two weeks I had a front row seat.

Though a handful of posters preemptively mourned the Confederate flag, good old-fashioned American racism was relatively rare, perhaps because there were so few posters with whom it would resonate.

Yes, there were the requisite repugnant jokes about the intelligence of African-Americans and the work habits of Mexican-Americans, and yes, there were the requisite conspiracy theories about Jewish dominance of finance and the media.

On the other hand, the Kik group is optimized, instantaneous, integrated. This is white supremacism that looks like today's social internet — comprising many forms of media and users from around the world, weirdly irreverent, continuous.

As one poster, who said he is an 18-year-old living in Stockholm, told me, "We use it because we are able to communicate across borders and timezones, instantly without the delay of a forum or website."This shouldn't come as a surprise.

That document trotted out tried and true, even hoary, tropes of American white supremacism; with the exception of a few mentions of the internet, much of it could have been written at any point since the end of Jim Crow.


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