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Person 2: I think you’re trying to make this dictionary definition about a socially complex word into an argument, and it’s not going to work the way you think it will. Person 2: This is a large part of my academic research and my current career.

I know a lot about this stuff, and it’s very important to me!

Among Eastern Europeans responding to the poll, 89 per cent thought media reporting was contributing to racism, the highest number after Pakistanis.

The findings, in a poll for the Runnymede Trust given to The Independent, prompted calls for media regulators to be more vigilant in addressing coverage of combustible subjects such as immigration and race.

One of the show’s characters, Fungi, is seen shouting “You can’t even speak English! Later he is filmed walking past the caravans muttering: “I’m going to petrol bomb the lot of you, you fucking idiots.”The Romanians, who attempt to build a scrap metal business, are presented as being harder working than many of the established residents. The Romanians find life in Britain harder than they expected. ”Unable to survive on £10 a day, some leave to live in a park in central London.

They are accused by another main character in the series, Black Dee, of stealing children’s bicycles and scooters.

But Habib said the white student had in fact achieved the second-highest mark, but that an “administrative error” meant her mark had been incorrectly transcribed. She passed; they [the others] failed,” he told the Sunday Times.