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In the photo, each of the members of her family is holding up a sign with a word that starts with the letter "E." Her siblings have signs that say "Engaged" or "Expecting," and their parents have a sign that says "Excited." Emily's sign simply reads "Emily," because sometimes just being yourself is an accomplishment in and of itself, However, other Twitter users were quick to point out that Emily's family photo may have not exactly been entirely original.

Some said it had been ripped off from @kbobby_22's family photo from years ago, in which he wrote "Engineering" for his "E" word.

The 9th Circuit – Family Division – Manchester denied the father’s requested relief and entered a new parenting plan providing father with parenting time on alternating weekends, summers, school vacations and time in Natick as the father was available.

In December of 2013 father again asked the court to modify the parties’ parenting plan.

Something most 20-something women (and/or of all ages!

) can relate to about the holidays is how annoying it can be when your family keeps asking you whether or not you finally started dating that cute guy at your job, — and if not there's maybe another cute guy at their job/the mall/they saw on the bus this one time who could be perfect for you!

The Court noted that although the mother asked the Court to affirm on the alternative grounds of inconvenient forum, this issue was never argued and the trial court never considered it.