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Visit the childhood home, the elementary and secondary schools, "grandma's house," and any special theaters or parks.End the tour at a favorite restaurant for dinner and celebratory desserts. At the restaurant, a scrapbook or small photo arrangement of the birthday person's life over the years makes a nice welcome display.

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Be sure to include all pertinent information including date, time, venue, theme, where the guests should RSVP, and what guests should bring, if anything.

While 40 gets younger every year, most people still consider 40 the age when they hit the top of the hill and start heading down the other side. It takes a little (but only a little) research and it's a fun kind of retrospective party idea for a 40th birthday.

By the time adults are in their 40s, they have busy lives and schedules that may involve juggling work, hobbies and activities, and family.

Therefore, finding a date and time where everyone can attend may be difficult.

Is there special food served in the location of the birthday girl's dreams?