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Rusted remnants of gear wheels could be seen on its surface, suggesting some kind of intricate mechanism.The first X-ray studies confirmed that idea, but how it worked and what it was for puzzled scientists for decades.It was part of the biggest hoard of Greek treasure ever found.

It had soon split into several badly corroded lumps of bronze.

Then, remarkably, researchers noticed tiny gearwheels in the machine.

This example subverts the usual flaws with the trope, as this single fighter ship's impact causes catastrophic and immediate damage to the much larger ship beyond simply killing the people on the bridge.

(This program is no longer available for streaming.) In 1900, a storm blew a boatload of sponge divers off course and forced them to take shelter by the tiny Mediterranean island of Antikythera.

Although ramming is not unknown in combat between large, heavy, main battle tanks, for land vehicles, see Car Fu or Forklift Fu.