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The agency's chief, Budi, said major ferry crossing points have been advised to prepare for a surge in passengers and vehicles.

Stranded tourists could leave Bali by taking a ferry to neighboring Java and then travel by land to the nearest airports.

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"Ash is rising to a height of about 30 thousand feet, and dispersing east and south taking it over Bali’s international airport, which has had to be closed.

Airborne ash is a serious hazard to aircraft."He added: “The wisdom of the Indonesian authorities’ decision to evacuate residents from around the foot of the volcano will be apparent if there is substantial ashfall or, worse, a collapse of an eruption column resulting in fast-moving pyroclastic flows.- December to January is one of the island's busy periods- Travelers can still leave Bali, though probably at significant cost, by taking a ferry from Gilimanuk port to Banyuwangi on Java island to the west and then traveling by car, train or plane to the Indonesian capital Jakarta for international connection Bali's airport spokesman Air Ahsanurrohim said 445 flights were cancelled, stranding about 59,000 travelers.

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