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Armadillo: (Armadilla) Any well armed Spanish war vessel that was smaller that a man-o-war.

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A-1: (Lloyd's of London) The Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping , which deals with the design and construction of ships, was first published in the mid-1700s.

The state of a ship's hull was designated by letters and that of its equipment (anchor, cables, etc.) by numbers.

Annual Variation: The amount by which magnetic variation changes up or down each year in a particular area.

The annual increase or decrease is printed in the compass roses on each chart and may make a significant difference over a number of years.

Anode: A metal, usually zinc in salt water or aluminum in freshwater , affixed to the outside of a vessel intended to erode by galvanic electric current (caused by the immersion of dissimilar metals in water) so that useful metal parts are not corroded Anticyclone: Area of high barometric pressure where the wind circulates clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, and counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.