Sex chat straight through

In common usage (which at the end of the day is what matters - we communicate to get a point across), heterosexual and straight are synonymous.That is, if a person is described as either, they are assumed to be exclusively attracted to the opposite gender; if a relationship is described as such ("He's in a heterosexual relationship right now"), generally it only implies that this particular relationship is one between a male and a female.In terms of expressing attraction to one gender without further implications: "gynephilic" and "androphilic" and/or "gynesexual" and "androsexual" are words that are often used, or simply "men who have sex with men" (edit: note that this refers to action and not attraction, which appears to be your intention) as has been mentioned, since it makes no mention of sexual orientation.

Sex chat straight through

(This seems useful in certain activism-related problems that come up, it seems.) carry heavy connotations of morality, exclusivity, culture, identity, and expression.

They work better to describe relationships or acts than they do to describe people.

For example, I have personally known both men and women who identify as .

Indeed, they reject that term if applied to them, probably because of the social connotations, and perhaps because they do not form romantic relationships with their own sex. I’ve also known both men and women who, despite self-identifying as , have been known to have sexual (but not romantic) relations with members of the opposite sex.

I’m reminded of this bit of dialogue from the musical Prison Psychiatrist: And men? Prison Psychiatrist: You have any sexual attraction towards men?


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