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Give it a try guys and I bet you’ll agree that this is the best way of doing things.

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Bonus sites include 3rd Degree Movies, How to Kiss a Girl, Black Ice Pass, Babysittered, and Afro Invasion.

Virtual Reality porn has really changed the game for folks like me who are single and not that great with the ladies, but want to have the experience of fucking a hot chick, not just watching someone else do it.


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    Some conservatives might attend church only twice a year, but ask their opinion about gays in the military.

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    And New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is among those who turned a blind eye to the abuse, according to a woman who leveled sexual abuse charges against high-ranking Cuomo appointee Sam Hoyt, a top economic development aide for the governor. But, his silence and complicity in covering it up would make him every bit as much of a douchelord.

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