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Crowds whooped and hollered as the clouds parted above St Joseph, Missouri to reveal the sun in its final stages of total eclipse.

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Over almost before it had begun.'We saw it, we saw it! From a thunderous downpour, through darkness and daylight, all in the span of a few minutes – disappointment, turned to elation and exhilaration for the thousands who had made the pilgrimage to this tract of Missouri, the path of totality, the center of these enthusiasts' worlds as they watched, faces open to the sky, in awe.

Less than 20 minutes before totality, the rain that had threatened all morning hammered down.

As twilight descended a small flock of songbirds, flew low over the cars and sky gazers, seemingly panicked, darting towards the ground.

Distant lights from parked vehicles and TV trucks illuminated a small sliver of sky, but the rest was total black.

The air chilled where earlier it had been heavy and humid and everything seemed suddenly faded and dim like a computer screen with the brightness turned down low.


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