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Obviously, politics are the forefront of everybody’s daily lives right now, so we have to mention it. And I called up my friend and I said, “Why on earth did she wear that horrible, horrible thing?

Jane did that piece in episode three about a female politician using fashion to obfuscate some unpopular political moves she was making. ” And he said to be, “Because right now you’re talking about what she wore instead of what she said.” And I was like, “Oh my god, I am part of the problem.” It was just such a smart, clever thing she did.

We wanted to see what conversations happen when all of our characters are stuck together.

It’s a classic sitcom convention; they call it a “stuck in a.” In sitcoms it’s always kind of hokey whatever brings them all together. Just the amount of drama around traffic was hilarious.

He sent the steaks back because what he really wants is a burger.” In the end, as hundreds of people wait for him to finish eating, and two people in love get torn apart because of his Muslim travel ban, we’re left with the sense that this orange dude really, really sucks, but our fierce heroines will prevail.