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As I remember it, the conversation went something like this: “How long have you been here now Tim?

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She looked at me for a while then asked me in for coffee and a chat during which I must have passed some sort of test as she eventually said that she had obviously meant a female companion, but what the hell, I would be company so why not a lodger? She told me that her husband had died when he crashed his ‘plane on landing and had been dead for nearly three years and she now felt lonely.

He’d been ‘something big in oil’ and had at least left her well provided for.

By the time she’d finished hitching around ‘getting comfortable’; my cock was stiffer than a broomstick.

She had given me a real hard-on and I guessed, hoped, that she had given me that display deliberately to see if it had an effect. She had really turned me on, not a difficult thing to do when you’re my age, don’t have any girlfriends because you’re very shy and don’t have much money.

” “Very much so, I enjoy the peace and quiet and I’m not tempted to spend what little money I have.” “Don’t you have any friends you wish to see?