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In fact, I usually wound up talking to at least one new guy if I was out with friends. They were all very active on the site, had been favorited many times, and were highly rated profiles. I considered how they described themselves: Nothing they wrote was controversial, committed. Maybe there was a secret formula the popular crowd used, possibly without even realizing it? When you met them, were they enthusiastic without being overbearing? It's what I called "Cameron Diaz Syndrome." Think about her movies, I'd say.

Before Henry, I'd dated plenty of men, and I'd rarely initiated contact. Online, I may not be as immediately competitive as Eagles Fan32B, but that was simply because I wasn't going to upload a photo of myself standing on the beach in a bikini. Were they agreeable, nonspecific, perpetually cheery? It occurred to me that I'd actually had this conversation before, more than a dozen times. , she played the cheery, optimistic, girl-next-door-who's-also-a-model archetype desired by men everywhere.

I may not be a short, Popsicle-stick woman with huge boobs, but I also wasn't unattractive.

The problem, of course, is that Cameron Diaz is a movie star playing a well-honed type of character.

In the real world, Cameron Diaz was thirty-three and had been bouncing from man to man while gossip magazines ruminated on whether or not she'd ever get married.

I sat down, grabbed my notepad, and started sketching.

On the right, I wrote my name and copied down the most prominent highlights from my profile.

Somehow I used to think that if I stared at his head and sent all of my adolescent energy his way, that he'd eventually turn around, smile back at me, and ask me to the prom.