Relative age dating concepts

What would the geologist be able to deduce about the world we live in, based on what was left in the strata?Stratigraphy started to become a formal science due to the work of a man who published under the name Nicolaus Steno in the 17th century.Geologists still use Steno's principles, with some refinements and additions.

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Relative age dating concepts

By the 1960s absolute dating methods had been used to determine the ages of many rocks from all the continents and ocean floors.

Repeatedly, the absolute age determinations confirmed what geologists already knew, for example that the Cambrian period occurred before-is older than-the Ordovician period.

An unconformity is a surface upon which no new sediments were deposited for a long geologic interval.

During this interval, erosion may have occurred before more deposits of sediments covered the surface.

Ask yourself how the things that are happening in the world today might end up being recorded in the sediments that are now or soon will be deposited.