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) - Gold oval - red and white border with stylized garland at top Black printing - "HARMONY" - "MADE BY THE HARMONY COMPANY" - "CHICAGO. Gold background "shadows" the text - "Harmony - CHICAGO U. Black lettering, on the cream - "Harmony" - "made by" - On the bottom of the green trim - "The Harmony Company" - "Chicago U. A." 50's - In the symmetrical decal described above, in the cream colored field, below "Harmony" - "made by" is removed and "reg. A." Late 40's (perhaps) has black lettering against gold back ground, with no border. - Early 50's - A symmetrical decal with cream colored back ground bordered in shaded green with a "ribbon like" format.

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The frets were removed and the fingerboard cleaned up.

I took this opportunity to refret the fingerboard as this makes for a very easy job with the fingerboard removed from the neck.

Between 19, the Chicago firm mass-produced about ten million guitars. Many of the instrument amplifiers badged with the Harmony name were manufactured by Sound Projects Company of Cicero, Illinois.

The company reduced their output over the years, later focusing on student models sold through JCPenney.

The fingerboard was fretted and new bindings attached.


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