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[email protected] from At first glance it looked like some new ‘Poppers’ health scare from a pseudo-scientific study that’s been done somewhere.On closer inspection it seems as though the article is about ‘Ethyl chloride’ and solvent abuse.The report has called for a blanket ban on all brain-altering drugs in a bid to tackle legal highs.

It is illegal to sell amyl nitrite (poppers) for human consumption in the UK but they are often sold in sex shops and gay venues as “air fresheners”.

On Thursday, the Home Office told Pink News that it was “too early” to say if further restrictions would include poppers and that the scope of a potential blanket ban on legal highs was “still to be decided”.

Despite the ACMD report suggesting an exemption for Poppers and various other groups and organisations such as the National Aids Trust and Stonewall all advocating the exemption the government want to press ahead with a ban.

There has been a petition set up in defense of the use of poppers and I urge all UK residents to sign the petition and send a message to government to listen to the people.

Under the proposals from the Home Office, police could be given new powers to shut down websites selling legal highs, and Minister of State for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Victims, Mike Penning, said: “Young people who take these substances are taking exceptional risks with their health and those who profit from their sale have a complete disregard for the potential consequences. “The landmark bill will fundamentally change the way we tackle new psychoactive substances – and put an end to the game of cat and mouse in which new drugs appear on the market more quickly than government can identify and ban them.