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It’s a milestone, but more research is needed before the edited human eggs can grow into babies.Breast milk may be the healthiest infant nutrition, but busy moms often don’t have hours to sit tethered to corded pumps to stockpile the sustenance.Injuries and diseases that affect mobility, like spinal-cord damage and Huntington’s, can make the act of eating a struggle.

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Then you have devices defined by nuanced improvement or a single attention-grabbing feature, which, if we’re honest, most folks neither wanted nor understood. A combination video-cassette recorder and answering machine, the $470 (that’s $938.30 in 2017 money) deck let owners call in to program recordings using touch-tone key codes. Palm Pilots and i Macs and Motorola Star TACs weren’t objects people put up with in their offices or homes because they had to; they were things folks wanted to and could use, free of ­excruciating ­early-adopter nonsense.

Technology was subculture-turned-­zeitgeist, with nowhere to go but everywhere.

Replacement enzymes had been too big to cross through the brain’s protective membrane.

With Brineura, surgeons bypass that hurdle by inserting a port into a child’s head and infusing the enzyme.

Today, specialized ideas—like printing wirelessly or blasting into space—have rocketed into the mainstream. These days, we access our DVRs over cable, DSL, or fiber-optic hookups instead of phone lines; we set programs via app instead of touch-tone, and record Game of Thrones onto hard drives instead of magnetic tapes.