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You make an NSDate Components object, and then set the components you wish.

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For instance, if you set the minutes component to 1, and the seconds component to 121 seconds, this will return something with the will be interpreted as 2 minutes and one second, and just add to the already specified minute value, so resulting in 3 minutes and 1 second.

I am not sure when it is unable to actually generate an NSDate from components, but I know very little about other Calendars, so maybe it has more to do with the conversions or idiosyncrasies between how other calendars handle the components compared to the Gregorian calendar.

I originally wrote this going through the other initializers that deal with NSTime Interval, but decided to not include them.

NSTime Interval is a typealias for a Double, and it specifies a certain number of seconds.

The NSDate class itself has 6 initializers: 3 dedicated and 3 convenience ones.