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My dining companions ranged from an Ohio couple and a Californian to a lady from Edinburgh and a gentleman from Paris.The train’s public spaces ensure that Ireland’s greatest poet, William Butler Yeats, had it right when he wrote, “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.” Once the frolicking ends and it’s time to retire for the night, guests make their way to one of 20 ensuite cabins that combine traditional design and modern amenities.The interior is completely covered in seashells that Catherine is alleged to have glued on herself in 261 days using a concoction of clay, pig’s urine, and animal blood.

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I found that many of those aboard didn’t really care where they were going; it was the train itself that was the appeal.

Limited to just 40 passengers, and with a multinational staff dedicated to fulfilling your every wish, it seems like one giant house party on wheels.

That most recent somewhere was Ireland, and the train wasn’t your common garden variety type, but the Belmond Grand Hibernian.

Officially launched August 2016, the Grand Hibernian is a sister train of other Belmond acquisitions: the Venice-Simplon Orient Express and the Royal Scotsman.

Our afternoon tour of Belfast included two stops — the first an area associated with Ireland’s “troubles,” and the second, a tribute to an earlier tragedy.