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Don’t introduce your significant other as the ‘boyfriend’. This way, your kids won’t freak out and start wondering if he will be becoming their new dad. Lunches at fast food restaurants are short so you will be in and out of there in under an hour. Also, an ice cream doesn’t take too long to finish, so this date can be sweet and short as well.

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Warn them ahead of time about any sensitive information—a marriage on the rocks or recent unemployment, for example.

First impressions can sometimes set the tone for future relationships, and having key information going in can help your significant other make as good an impression as possible.

Keeping communication open can give you the opportunity to allay concerns and diffuse tensions before they become a problem.

Dating with kids isn’t easy—even when your children are grown.

Engage your kids in volunteer activities at an animal shelter, church or a nursing home for an hour or so.


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