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Strategies to welcome those students include honoring requests to live on lower floors and to access residence halls with manual keys.Also consider offering alternate, non-Saturday move-in and move-out days, as carrying items from place to place is prohibited on Shabbat.These spaces are usually multiple rooms and sometimes entire buildings.

This is especially important given the religious and secular diversity of students on campus.

Approximately 43 percent of American college students are either in the religious minority (religious, but not Christian) or non-religious (atheist, agnostic, no affiliation, etc.).

Reflection, meditation, and prayer rooms are often a first step many institutions take to accommodate religious observance.

How you establish and name the space depends on your institutional context but the sentiment is the same: students will feel supported in their religious expression if these places are visible, well known, and easy to find.

Many religious groups are also careful to prevent gender mixing.