Guy dating dumped me

Learning to see the beauty of our cold-turkey breakup felt like coming out of a fog—the clarity was cold but bright.Without any communication, there were no more questions.

My boyfriend dumped me and says that he wants to stay single forever and wants to give up everything we had together.

He said it’s his choice and told me not to bring it up again. But all that’s going to do is make you want to chase him and in response, will cause him to run faster and further away. Any man, whether it’s your ex or a new guy, wants to be with a woman who is confident, happy and fulfilled in her own life as it is.

I know now that if we had stayed in contact without ever getting back together, I probably still wouldn’t be over him.

Instead I’ve lived my life, met new and better men, moved way on and retired this relationship to the spot in my brain where I collect all my hard-won life lessons.

We weren’t trying to be friends; I didn’t have to pretend I could handle that or wonder what it meant. Online dating—and connecting deeply with people you never would have met otherwise—makes this pretty easy to do.