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I actually blame this album for making me fall in love with someone.

Pet Sounds convinced me that Brian Wilson was a genius; the only problem with him was all those goofy surf songs he wrote.

But at least it's not all muffled and impossible to hear like the earliest Beatles recordings.

I'm glad I eventually discovered that there was life for the Beach Boys AFTER Pet Sounds because I would have missed some good music and I would still think the Beach Boys are weaker than Coors Light.

And, yes, I eventually came to love those hokey surf songs.

For some reason, somewhere along the way, the Beach Bums were relegated to oldies status and prime purveyors of wimp rock.

Then, in the winter of my junior year of high school, I heard "Wouldn't It Be Nice" on a radio station and I was actually impressed.

Next time I got the chance, I went to the local music store and bought ALL the Beach Boys they had (Endless Summer, Pet Sounds, and some $2.99 tape I found in the discount rack).


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    “I went through a phase when I was really mean because I was so fed up.

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    Page: When I auditioned him and heard him sing, I immediately thought there must be something wrong with him personality-wise or that he had to be impossible to work with, because I just could not understand why, after he told me he'd been singing for a few years already, he hadn't become a big name yet.

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    Pamela is also a mother to two sons, Dylan, 19, and Brandon, 21.

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    Having a husband like this has taught me to want very little as it’s far more important to me that he lives a stress free life and never goes without anything. I don’t have to ask his ‘permission’ to do anything, nor does he ask mine.